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APPRENTICESHIPS – About the scheme

Apprenticeships in Fiction is a structured, supervised year-long programme of manuscript appraisals and consultations. It offers an opportunity to work towards publication, within the context of current industry trends and standards. Apprentices benefit from engaging directly with an experienced writer-mentor who will guide them through the process of writing a first novel, from first draft to completion.

The core apprenticeship is made up of an individual study programme, detailed editorial input and four one-to-ones.

It includes:

• Individual attention from a mentor working in the same genre.

• Four progressive written appraisals at key stages.

• A detailed guide to writing the perfect submission package.

• Direct experience of marketing & promotion

This is a highly competitive and demanding programme that seeks to fast-track aspiring writers of outstanding talent. At the end of the year, apprentices will ‘graduate’ with an objective overview of their own work and a clear grasp of the requirements of the publishing industry. We aim to work with talented individuals drawn from a range of cultural, ethnic and regional communities.

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A one-year professional development programme
APPRENTICESHIPS 2007 – About the scheme

A priceless step in the right direction towards publication. I know there are at least three among the finally selected mentored authors that I will watch out for, and if I have a chance, become their agent and help them become published.

Laura Longrigg
MBA Literary Agency