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Apprenticeships in Fiction is a groundbreaking national scheme designed to nurture emerging writers at a key stage in their careers. Set up in 2005, it was the first mentoring scheme for writers in the UK and the only one solely dedicated to fiction. It has made a significant impact within the field of literary development and become a byword for integrity and excellence.

The scheme is aimed at aspiring novelists who have already made a considerable commitment to the development of their practice and would benefit from a year of transitional support.

Our unique six-stage developmental programme is specifically designed to prepare writers for publication. Over the course of the year, we will be grappling with the key elements of successful fiction (plot, premise and character development), taking a rigorous approach to technical issues such as structure and point of view, as well as tackling what constitutes the perfect submission package.

The placements take the form of an apprenticeship with a professional writer working in a similar genre. Candidates are selected from open competition, with a limited number of places available every year.

Apprenticeships in Fiction aims to encourage diversity, excellence and originality.

Programme fees: £2,125.00 (Instalment payments available.)



A one-year professional development programme
APPRENTICESHIPS 2007 – Introduction

.... A much needed scheme.
Getting consistently high quality mentoring isn't easy. At last APPRENTICESHIPS IN FICTION has filled this niche.

Malcolm Burgess
Literature Development Officer.
Essex CC