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APPRENTICESHIPS – Fees structure

Fees are payable in full or in two installments. In order to secure a place on the scheme, successful applicants will need to pay the full fee or the first instalment within three weeks of receipt of an offer letter.

Save an additional 10% by making payment in full

Payment Fee: 2,125.00. (inclusive)

Instalment 1 - 968.00

Instalment 2 - 1,369.00 - payable at completion of Stage 2


Apprenticeships In Fiction is a non-profit making scheme designed to support writers, both as apprentices and mentors.


A one-year professional development programme

.... an individualised training programme shows you what it takes to become a writer. The Apprenticeship helped me develop as a writer by making me see what it was I was trying to achieve and how to surmount the obstructions in my path. I can't put a value on it, but I know my work has a better chance of success than it ever had before.

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