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To download an application form - right click (Mac users - control click) on the link below and save the file to your computer.

Click here to download an Application Form (as a PDF file)

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Please read the Application Form carefully before applying and ensure that your submission contains all the criteria on the checklist.

Post the complete package to:

Apprenticeships in Fiction
C/o Adventures in Fiction
14 Grosvenor Avenue
London N5 2NR

Or Online

Step 1: Pay the processing fee of £25 here.

Step 2. Contact:
Include confirmation (date of payment) and attach your application (as Word documents).


We cannot accept responsibility for applications lost in the post or online.


A one-year professional development programme

Cover - Stetching It

…so this is just to re-iterate how brilliant I think your report is. It is so clear and insightful and I just know it is going to be really really useful. There are issues I never suspected and I can see there is a fair bit of work to do. But it's wonderful to get such a good sense of where I need to put this work in, and is a complete breath of fresh air after all the struggling alone.

Mandy Sutter
Stretching It