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The fifth year of the scheme included particularly strong entries in the categories of urban gothic, historical romance and up and coming fantasy for young adults.

Deanna Carlyle

In Introducing Miss Hyde, seventeen-year-old Marion discovers she has inherited a mysterious and dangerous condition from her late father, Dr Henry Jekyll. Fearing she’s evil, Marion struggles to root out her new powers, but only acceptance - and possibly love - can make an ally of her unruly side.

Deanna Carlyle is an expat Californian who writes comedy for German television.

Clare Hawkins

When John Wyllie, a reserved and bookish clergyman’s son, meets The Bookbinder’s Daughter he is transfixed by the independent sparkle in her eye. But life in 17th century Edinburgh is riven by religious intolerance and John and Isobel soon find themselves on opposite sides.

Clare Hawkins grew up in a large Georgian farmhouse on the West Coast of Scotland.

Essie Gilbey

When a child is murdered bya magical Wolfstone in Brompton Cemetery, exiled mage Indigo Snow is the police's chief suspect. In order to clear her name, she must find the killer herself - but the only witness to the crime is a ghost only she can see.

Essie Gilbey is an ex-pat Brit living in America, as a result of which her vocabulary and spelling have become thoroughly confused.

Sandra Greaves

In The Skull in the Woods, warring teenage cousins Matt and Tilda can´t wait to get away from each other when they´re thrown together on a farm in the heart of Dartmoor. But something malevolent is stirring on the moor – and their problems are just beginning.

Sandra Greaves is a copywriter living in Devon, and is also an award-winning poet.


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The Skull in the Wood

The Skull in the Wood
Sandra Greaves