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Ten good reasons for choosing the scheme

• We focus exclusively on the particular demands of writing a novel. We are the only programme in the UK solely dedicated to this form.

• We deal with the complete manuscript. (Other programmes and MA’s read and/or workshop short sections of 5000 words. We read and appraise the complete manuscript twice with a further two partial readings of sections of up to 160,000 words.)

• The duration of the programme is a full year. (An academic year is nine months.)

• We offer unprecedented value for money. Our year long programme provides twice as much input as any other scheme or programme. (More than 78 hours individual attention in the form of reading/assessment and one-to-one’s.)

• We offer a writer-oriented approach. Our programme has been devised for novelists - by novelists who fully understand every stage of the creative process.

• We are the market leader in mentoring for writers. We have invested over ten years experience in the development of our unique six-stage programme.

• We only use experienced mentors. In addition to expertise in teaching and consultancy, our mentors have a proven commitment to nurturing new talent.

• All our mentors are distinguished mid-career novelists.

• We will only select aspiring writers who demonstrate outstanding talent. We will only offer you a placement if we genuinely feel that you will benefit.

We make a personal commitment to all the apprentices we work with. We keep intake small so that we can pay close attention to your progress.


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A one-year professional development programme


The Sun Hasn't Fallen From the Sky

…I am getting excellent advice, ongoing support and a level of expertise that just wasn't available on the (Creative Writing) MA and various 'workshops' I have attended over the last few years.

Alison Gangel
The Sun Hasn't Fallen From The Sky
(Bloomsbury 2011)